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Brewmaster the WoW Monk and Its Tank Spec

Hi all. Today I bring you a video to introduce you a new tanker class in the World of Warcraft, the brewmaster!. Brewmaster is one  of 3 specs of WoW monk guide. The below video will show you the abilities and capabilities of the spec. Is it will be a master of tanker of not? See it yourself.

Pandaria Monk Chi and Racial Bonus in WoW MoP Guide

If you’re actually looking for more leveling-based details for the Monk class, read up on proven Monks-only leveling strategies said to have taken several Monks from 1 to 90 in under a week.

With the long awaited release of World of Warcraft’s newest expansion Mists of Pandaria just around the corner, many players are looking forward to playing the newest class to be introduced; the WoW monk. The monk class will be available to every race except the goblin and worgen, and, like the druid, will have the ability to either be a healer, damage, or tank. This WoW Pandaria guide will help give a short detail of what to expect as a monk.

Monks will rely on an energy reserve called Chi, which is like the energy used by warriors and death knights, to cast spells and use finishing moves. The WoW monk build that a player chooses will ultimately depend on their personal play style. The Brewmaster (tank) uses many avoidance abilities due to only being able to wear cloth and leather, and will use buffs from various brews in combat. The Windwalker (dps) is melee only and uses it’s chi to attack and use finishing moves, much like the rogue. The Mistweaver (healer) will be able to lay down statues to heal the party while at the same time doing damage.

mists of pandaria monk
If you are looking to tank as a monk, the main stats to focus on is stamina, dodge, mastery, hit, and expertise. For DPS, agility will be key, along with mastery, crit, hit, and haste. For healing, intellect will be the main focus then spirit, haste, mastery, and crit.

While there is no right or wrong answer to what race you have to choose, you need to make sure you consider the racial bonus for the class that you will choose. For instance if you are tanking, the Tauren would be ideal because of the 5% extra health bonus. Ultimately, players are likely to choose the Panderan, if for no other reason than that it is new. Racial abilities for the Panderan include Epicurean, which doubles the benefit from food buffs, and Quaking Palm, which puts the target to sleep for three seconds.

The monk class is likely to be in demand with the release of MoP, with most players eager to fall in love with the game and try out something new.

Discover what the experts have to say about the Monk class.

The Overview of WoW Monk Skills Part 1

Discover more advanced gameplay tactics, Monk build recommendations and battle strategies from this class-specific Monk manual.

In the coming new expansion of the World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria, new monk class is added to this update. Monk have 3 play styles; Windwalker is the DPS, Brew Master is the Tank spec and Mist Weaver is the Healing spec. As of right now if you’re DPS or Tank you’ll have an energy bar as well as your Chi, although only a few of your abilities will use energy. If you’re a healer your energy bar will be replaced by a mana bar and you’ll cast like other healers although you’ll stand within melee range and you’ll even do some melee damage.

Getting right into the baseline abilities of wow monk what I found really interesting is that your main ability changes depending on what type of weapon you’re using. Your main ability will deal damage and generate one Chi. If you’re using a staff, you’ll use Clobber. If you’re dual-wielding maces, you’ll use Club. If you’re using a pole arm, you’ll use Pike, and if you’re using two axes, you’ll use Sever.

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Blackout Kick deals physical damage to your enemy target and is only usable on targets with below 35 percent health. If the target is killed by Blackout Kick you’re refunded one Chi.

Crackling Jade Lightening is a 5.5 second channeled ability that causes Nature damage to your target. If your target is within melee range while you’re channeling them and they attack you they’re knocked back a short distance. This effect has an eight second cool down and it is a good way to leveling your pandaria.

Detox also has an eight second cool down and it eliminates ailments from a friendly target, removing all harmful poison and bleed effects.

Disable reduces your enemy target’s movement speed by twenty five per cent and stacks up to two times. If you use Disable a third time on a target that already has two stacks, all stacks will be consumed and the target will be rooted for eight seconds.

Expel Harm instantly heals a friendly target. It also causes 120 per cent of the amount healed to be instantly dealt as damage to a nearby enemy within five yards of your target.

Fortifying Ale has a three minute cool down and lasts 20 seconds. During this time your HP is increased by 100 per cent but you also cannot be healed. Just to interject with my opinion on this topic, I think that’s a really weird ability. A lot can happen in 20 seconds and it only doubles your health, and it just says that it increases your health by 100 per cent so I’m not sure if that means it just double your total, maximum health or if it doubles the health you had when you used the ability. In my opinion, that could be a really scary thing to use. If you’re a Tank I think it is a terrible idea, because you’re needing to pop cool downs you probably shouldn’t not be able to be healed for 20 seconds. I just feel like a Tank takes a lot of damage in 20 seconds.

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Grapple Weapon has a one minute cool down and it’s really awesome. You fire a rope spear at your target and you steal their shield and their weapon. Depending on the quality of the shield and weapon either your damage done, healing done or damage reduction is increased.

Healing Sphere causes you to form a healing sphere at your target’s location for 30 seconds. If any friendly wow mists of pandaria leveling players walk through it they consume the sphere and heal themselves. A maximum of three healing spheres can be active at any given time.

For more details on the topic the KillerGuides game guide publisher offers an in-depth reference for Monks.

WoW Monks Spec, Build and Talent

There is much more to the Monk class than meets the eyes. In order to play the class successfully, calls for a multitude of combined strategies and solid know-how in terms of talent builds, battle tactics, skill rotations and much more. Find out how to mold a killing machine of a Monk here.

Are you thinking of playing as a monk in World of Warcraft, but don’t know which talents to go for? Well, here is a quick guide on Monk’s specializations abilities! As you may know, the Monk class is a new hybrid class, meaning players can try all three roles: a healer, a tank, or damage dealer. By reading this guide, you will have a general idea of Monk Class.

Mistweaver, the healers of the party who specializes in healing and aiding other players, are one of the three available talents of Monks. Unlike priests and shamans who cast spells to heal one target or its surrounding allies, mistweavers specializes in casting spells that bounces between players or wrap up with healing mists. Furthermore, mistweavers are capable of melee healing. As a tip, use Jab to generate Chi, maintain the Blackout Kick buff, then use Tiger Palm to stack Vital Mist. When you filled up all the stack, use Surging Mist or Renewing Mist! Aim higher to get the mastery wow monk skills: Gift of the Serpent.

Brewmaster, a drunken martial art master, who plays a role as a tank. As the name speaks of itself, brewmasters throw Drunken Haze to its enemies, causing them drunk and 3 % chance to hit themselves. Unlike other tanks who takes in damage, they are based on evading. They have several avoidance abilities such as Guard, Shuffle, and Recoil that would help bypass damages or redirect damage to your mates to yourself. Once you receive the monk Mastery: Elusive Brawler, although you would not able to reduce the damage, but you will be able to delay the incoming damage to get prepared. Perhaps, it is time to have a sip of Purifying Brew, or throw another keg of Drunken Haze at the enemy.

Windmaster is a close-melee damage dealer, who uses martial arts techniques with their fists and feet. A windmaster can be flying up with his legs up high (Rising Sun Kick), do some rapid hand-strikes to stun the enemy (Fists of Fury), and many other cool moves. One of the most useful techniques of the windmaster is Afterlife. It will grant 50% chance of forming Chi Sphere or Healing Sphere. Out of the three monk talents, this is most likely the best talent for solo levelling.

Monk build does not only end in the Mist of Pandaria. Blizzard goes further than this with the introduction of the Heroes of the Storm, the eyecatched MOBA expected to be released in the middle of 2015. Chen and Li Li, two panda heroes from the World of Warcraft are included in the game with various available build and talents which could been seen all from

There you go, a quick read for Monks. If you want to get your hands on actual gameplay tactics that have been proven to work, then we recommend to check this out.

WoW New Spec Abilities Explained

Want to have a level 90 Monk fast? Then you’re going to need to know more about the class than is publicly made available to start out strong. This WoW Monk reference book comes recommended by many fellow WoW fans and is probably a way to go about molding a killer Monk.

Today I am bringing you some really interesting news on the new talent system in the recently announced expansion by Blizzard in Mists of Pandaria. Now, they took the current talent system and just kind of threw it out the window. They’re revamping it pretty much completely to be honest.


Basically, what you have now is your class abilities, your spec abilities, and your talents. I’m going to be using a Mage as an example for most of this, so bear with me, but I’ll explain each ability to you know. A class ability is anything that works with any spec, no matter what you are. An example for Mages would be Time Warp. No matter if you’re a Fire Mage, a Frost Mage, Hurrican Mage, Time Warp is still useful, so you’ll get that no matter what spec you are.

Your spec abilities are abilities which kind of only pertain to your spec. Right now you get them when you first go into a spec. To give an example, with a Fire Mage you get Pyro Blast when you first get into the spec. They like stuff like that, stuff that really works well with your spec. You’re going to keep getting stuff as you go, so maybe you’ll get a spec ability when you first enter in. You’ll get a specialization ability at level 30, and a few more later. This spec is very important to create your class build such as wow monk build. They kind of don’t like all the clutter that’s in your spell book right now, and they’re trying to kind of clean it all up. They don’t like all the stuff on people’s hotbars, how it looks like a big, crazy mess.

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